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So-Im-A-Sysadmin is all about the trials and tribulations of being a sysadmin, the daily struggle to balance nearly catastrophic outages with delivering new features and functionality that help the businesses grow.

The blog has grown steadily from it’s inception in Feb 2012 into a formidable force and hopefully over the coming years it will continue to do so with the support of those around us.

About Me

I have been using linux and a variety of flavours for over 10 years now, originally starting out with a simple LAMP server and predominantly writing PHP based applications including a CMS for my blog, Gallery viewer and a Intranet site during my placement year at University. Through out University and college I wrote more code including pascal, delphie, c/c++, Java, Perl and Javascript (AJAX), one of my projects was a geoblog that could be updated via email and using the google maps API.

Once I left University I went to a company that dealt with credit card transaction processing and was helping run the general infrastructure and the managed services area. While working here I achieved my RHCE and a CCNA and had many tasks from designing and implementing customer networks to helping roll out new solutions. My main focus was the linux infrastructure where I set up RHN Satellite and defined a secure base OS, patching infrastructure and made bespoke RpMS to help deploy the in-house applications.

After this I moved on to Alfresco to where I built out and designed the LAN/WAN and helped migrate the data centre to a more sustainable platform for a growing company. After this I moved on to the cloud product where we have been working diligently to automate the deployment and configuration of the platform and to make it as stable as possible within AWS.

As a sysadmin I feel that the right solution is often the one with the most compromises, everyone has to pull together to truly come up with the best solution. As a result of this belief I have started my own business to help others get to their goals and aspirations from a technology point of view. You can contact me through Practical DevOps if you need any help with your DevOps issues or email me directly on info@practicaldevops.co.uk.

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