As some may know…

A little while back I put up some checks for Alfresco Solr Here and wrote a little blog Here

Well over the last few weeks I have added yet more checks to it and I’ve also added some caching of the results so it will now no longer make a separate request to solr for each check and instead will use a local cached copy of the results and after 5 mins get a new one. The reason for this is that most of the results don’t change that frequently and with nagios it was calling each check so 20 calls to solr over a 5 min period, well each individual check is only verified once every 5 mins so now it will pull the report once and reference that cached copy for 5 mins, after that it will simply pull a new one…

In addition to the caching it now has 13 new checks! including cumulative hit ratios which are typically more relavent than the normal hit ratios as they are based over all time (Since reboot) and no, I don’t know how long the normal hitratios are based over.

There is also some checks for the number of Transactions remaining and the number of change sets remaining, these combined with the Lag can give you an indication of how far behind / how much work is left for Solr to do so quite useful.

If you need any help with these or have a few additional checks that are relavant let me know I’m happy to help.

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