4 months!

So I started this on a whim, and the whim included writing two blogs a week and this whim has seemingly continued week on week until we are hear today, 4 months on from that fateful first post

I’m probably Just as surprised as as those that know me that I have been able to keep this going. I had a number of people tell me I was a bit crazy and wasting my time and that writing 2 articles a week would be difficult, yet my stubbornness has paid off and here we are.

So what’s happened in the last 4 months

I’ve written a number of articles so here’s some stats:

top 5 most popular

  1. RHN Satellite vs Puppet, A clear victory? – 200+ views
  2. Home page / Archives – 160+
  3. Puppet inheritance, revisited – 40+
  4. Ruby, Pass by value or pass by reference? – 25
  5. DNS results in AWS aren’t always right – 23

I guess the Home page one is because most people read the articles after it has been published and before it gets archived, it also goes to show that I have written only one article so far that people care about or at least will google for and find my article as a result.

top 5 country views

Average views per month/ week / day

At the time of writing they are as follows:

Month: 220 (last month was 284 views, this month is 350+)
Week: 55 (Weekly views range from 27 to 111)
Day: 7.8 (Lowest is 1 view (on a sunday) highest thus far is 34 which was this month)

I expect all of these to go up, last month I doubled my views over the previous two months and in June at the time of writing I am on target to do the same again.

Interestingly enough this is the first time I’ve really looked at what is / is not popular and interestingly enough it is the technical posts, which I find the easiest to write due to the job, the less technical posts (Fridays’) are not so popular but still get good views.

What’s coming up

Well to be honest much of the same, I have some articles to write about chef comparisons and puppet designed for large scale, externalised configuration, Mcollective, role based puppet in multiple environments all of which i’m sure will be interesting and popular.

As for the less technical side I don’t know yet, these are the hardest to find a subject that is worth writing something about without repeating something that has already been said.

With that in mind I need to think about how often I will continue to write certain posts but other than that it’s business as usual for the near term at least, of course if anyone else would like to write articles that would save me doing it :D


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