I’ve been a little lazy

I had grand plans, which quickly fizzled away when I realised I also had work and life to contend with, but none the less I did a minor update to Sentinel at the weekend. It is only slightly more useful than it was before but it is a little mile stone for the project, or at least version 0.1. From the initial launch there are some minor changes, most importantly I now have every score I wanted to catch generated, there is still a bit more work to do on getting the scores but I noticed a number of issues…

Next Steps

The Sentinel project has probably gone as far as it will with out me thinking about it, I can probably continue with the rest of the features needed for the 0.1 release and “wing” it to make it work, but quite frankly it’s becoming harder to write the code and remember what I’m menat to get and where it comes from etc etc… In short it all needs re-structuring.

I need to create some classes for the various aspects of the code and give some thought to the data structures I need to use. This is sort of unfortunate as I don’t have a clue where to start, but that is also why I started this projet, a bit of a learning curve.

The downside is I need to do a lot of reading so maybe next weeks update will have some content around this subject… maybe not i make no promises and to be honest this is going to be a short one; mainly as I have another four or five of these things to write in the next 24 hours, so let’s see what happens!


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