It’s all about aiming High!

I remember a while back I was reading a book about goal setting (I can’t remember which one now) and it was touching on the points of goal setting and achievement of goals. The bottom line for those who can’t be bothered to read on is that you typically will achieve 80% of a goal. I took this and had a bit of a think about it, if you have a goal that is large enough and you actively work towards it you’re going to achieve 80% of it, knowing that is good, aim 20% higher…

I’m not really sure if that will help in the long run but it is a good guideline, I’m not exactly known for my small understated targets and ambitions, part of the reason behind this is the 80% targets. I know that if I achieve 80% of what I set out to do I’m happy with that. What more can you ask for, it’s crazy to think that you’re going to achieve all your goals, so just be happy with 80% but if that means you need to aim 20% higher do that.

I’m not sure of the psychology involved but by having a higher goal you just try harder to get there, I’d suggest this is balanced up with a bit of reality and what is actually achievable, just like the spaceship, a small tiny bit of reality.

So where does the spaceship come into it?

Well this was jus a personal goal I set myself, I simple want a spaceship, nothing flashy just enough to get into orbit; have a bit of zero-G and back again. This all stemmed from a couple of years ago when I was having serious thoughts about setting up a small business which started off as a website but ended up with a spaceship, it’s a weird set of steps to go through to end up with a spaceship.

In my head the business plan was good, but as with these things a bit of planning and a bit of graft reveals that although it could be sustainable and provide an income I could live on it was not the grand scheme I was looking for so, in short I shelved the idea.

However I haven’t lost site of my goal, I have no delusions of grandure, I just want to get 80% of the way there, so maybe a small aeroplane or something similar. That’s what the spaceship is about, it’s about having a goal to stretch for.

This does mean I’m always looking for a big idea to get into to help me get my spaceship, but it is a goal, a goal I’m aiming for, it’s also one I have no real plan for, well other than the South park (contains adult content) school of planning.

I guess this also stands as a marker in the ground for everyone reading, let’s see how close I get to having a spaceship, note I reserve the right to just go out and buy a small plane if needed ;-)


I could spend a long time here going through different ways to plan things and how to get to the goal but it is kind of all pointless, this whole taks is more about setting expectations and having a positive outlook on what you can achieve. When you aim higher you get further, you need to have passion, drive and commitment to the goal.

By having a slightly higher goal that intended you will find your self getting closer to your original intention.

But I digress, this was about getting a spaceship, well, quite simply, aim for a space station.

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